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The magic power of your shy smile is slowly conquering and making my days…

I do apologize for my shyness, my apparent lack of interest. I wish I could show.

Ah… why do I fall again for this hidden, and forbidden games… I do wish, from the bottom of the all basic me, showing you how much I like your smile.

I like it when my heart pumps up at high speed for you… please let me enjoy this renewing feeling from now on… I did close my eyes, I do stay, I do watch…

Your smile is like the big Europa, this big, shiny destination where my rocket goes whenever you are near. Whenever you move, smile, wink or think…

Everybody else would say: you ARE crazy. But I am just watching. Being this shy, I don’t think I will be able…

… to actually confess.


Paint me like one of your French girls.


Paint me like one of your French girls.


DIY pinhole cameras are a dime a dozen, but rarely are they as well thought out and elegant as the VIDDY currently being funded on Kickstarter.

The VIDDY comes in 35mm and medium format editions, along with a handy app to help you with exposure times.

This Could Be the Best DIY Pinhole Camera Yet

via Fubiz

Esas palabras que leí, fueron hermosas. Nunca he dudado, ni un segundo, de tu gran corazón.

Por unos segundo deseé que esas palabras de amor fuesen para mí. Pero de lejos observo, y callo… no puedo desear un amor, una persona que no es para mí.

La vida, para mí, tiene que seguir. Pero, ojalá que alguien te muestre la cantidad de suspiros que son para ti… o que un atardecer te muestre cuánto duele que llegue la noche, o que alguna cama te moleste para que veas cuánto yo deseo que estes a mi lado.

Flaco mío, mío, míooo…

Flaco mío, mío, míooo…