- Why am I your teacher?

Because it was decided by fate when I first met you, Teacher. I meet people I don’t know every day while doing quick-delivery. They all have nothing to do with me and I have no interest in them either. But you, Teacher, said that you’d like to hear my performance more. You observed what kind of a kid I am and asked how I was living. You also performed with me. That day my soul was born again..



"It was the climax, itself. Not that I would know how that feels, since I’m still a virgin. Even if I were to do it, it couldn’t be more than that. I gave all that I am to the goddess. Would the goddess know that?"

Please, kill me because I can’t handle this level of perfection! Fetch my smelling salts! SJ called HW HIS GODDESS!!! MY HEART!  It’s more than a simple endearment, it’s a reverence - he’s just promoted her to a celestial being. And it’s no wonder - whenever he looks at her or talks about her you can feel like he is worshiping her with mind, (body, later) and soul. It brings back to my mind when he knelt at her feet and looked up at her in his bathroom. We learn so much from this sentence alone - in a retrospect, we get an inside look to what really went through SJ’s mind during their duet, something I was dying to know. And we get confirmed in words what we only speculated about until now - that it was not only our imagination that the scene looked like a mating of heart, body and soul despite the fact their bodies didn’t even touch. Now, we know what that interlude truly meant, what meant that expression of rapture on SJ’s face after they finished. That moment might have seemed like a fantasy but was painfully real for both of them. The ecstasy when their reached the climax and the disbelieve on SJ’s face during the aftermath. This explains it all - HW’s attempt to escape the situation, SJ’s insecurity, his desire for acknowledgement. He wanted to know what she felt, whether she was as affected as him,  he wanted to know whether he satisfied her, whether he was good enough. How can you resist a man who gives you his all, calls you a goddess and, what’s more, treats you like one? HW pretends so hard she is not affected but the opposite is the truth.

It reminds me of the time HW called SJ „beautiful“, though, in her case the hidden meaning belied the simplicity of - it revealing emotions she couldn’t quite name, pinpoint or understand. However, SJ is more concrete, more eloquent with his emotions as he seem to recognize them for what they really are and thanks to his youth has no inhibitions to voice them. 

OMG! Our virtuoso from the slum is a virgin! This show can‘t possibly get any better than this. Did I spot a gleeful looked in HW’s eyes there? It’s almost as if I heard her saying in her mind „the cute innocent puppy“.  An OTP where the man is the virgin but the woman isn’t got to be another first in Kdramand and it actually has a justification in the narrative as it isn’t another plot device since SJ is so young and HW has been married for 10 years. 

"Should I say that I’m a captured soul? A soul? No, my body and heart, all of it. Completely."

I don’t remember an OTP which had such an explosive, burning chemistry that even transcended cyberspace! They are in opposite parts of Seoul, yet it’s as if they were exchanging sultry seductive looks and illicit caresses. Maybe that’s the reason why it feels so clandestine and painfully intimate as if you were intruding on a private moment between lovers. This all is thanks to YAI and KHA who know how to use their voices to express urgency, appetence and HW’s curiosity that makes her continue the conversation against her better judgement, the temptation and the call of the forbidden fruit is so overpowering. 

"She has an impressive CV (curriculum vitae).But what’s even better is her charisma.It’s my first time seeing a woman like that. She’s scary, wild, and fun, yet elegant. I’m completely blown away. Worse yet, even her feet are pretty."

Omo! He even searched her up online! What is not to love about a male leads who gushes over you in cyberspace?! Who sings praises about you has an obsession with your feet and scent? In my opinion the attraction between SJ and HW is both equally emotional and physical. Many kdrama OTP has that, the mind-blowing connection, however, unlike other shows which almost exlusively concetrate on the emotional part, SLA isn’t afraid to adress the physical part equally and in more concrete terms, without reluctance or any pretense of false modesty. I admire that since they are both equally important.

You shouldn’t lie to your teacher.

Yes. It’s a lie. But it doesn’t matter. Everything’s hell anyway.

More Pictures of Yoo Ah In & Kim Hee Ae for Elle Korea 


Secret L o v e Affair, 8


This sex scene is so perfect that I actually find myself a little teary eyed. All along, I’ve been worrying how their first time could live up to all the amazing skinship that has come before. But I should have just trusted this screenwriter: she can do no wrong.

From the very beginning the…

    “What did I do?”
    “What did you do?
    Why are you asking me that?
    Don’t you know better?!”
    “Why would you…”


I didn’t really like it. How Professor called you  Hye Won, and using the same room…

"¿Qué TU quieres?"

Yo solo quiero estar contigo.

Pero si estoy cerca hoy, no seremos felices.

Si estoy lejos, tampoco seguiré durmiendo bien.

¿Y entonces?

Pensé que con el tiempo podría olvidarme de ti y seguir siendo feliz, o al menos intentándolo.

Pero… sé que tengo que seguir adelante aunque llore…